Sunday, March 29, 2009

One mukhi Rudraksha rules : for Wearing & Usage

What are the special rules to follow while wearing a One mukhi Rudraksha? What are the differences between wearing and worshiping? Which one is better? Let us know these topics today.

Belief in Lord Shiva, Good character, Practicing abstinence from Non vegetarian diet, smoking and sexual activity are the basic rules of Rudraksh. They will also apply to Ek mukhi. But, there are some additional suggestions in Tantras to get maximum benefits from it. They will also guide us how not to misuse this Powerful Rudraksha. I will list them out in the order of importance.

1. It is better to worship than to wear:
Ya, I know, you will be disappointed by hearing it. But, it's a very important suggestion. They suggest that wearing of Ek mukhi Rudraksha and Das mukhi Rudraksha (10 faced) should be limited to the time of worship. Both have different reasons. The high spirituality which should be maintained while wearing an Ek mukhi is rarely possible for a normal person in day to day life. For Das mukhi Rudraksha the reason lies in it's empowering deity. It belongs to Yoganidra Mahakali. It attracts Tamasika shaktis (Black powers) and may impose Negative character to the wearers if they don't have sufficient willpower.

Understand, Ek mukhi and Das mukhi are not completely banned from wearing. Tantras encourage us to wear them while chanting or while doing meditation, so that we can get good results without getting into problems. People who can't spend their time in chanting can utilize these Rudrakshas by keeping them at Puja mandir or in the Chest / Drawer.

2. It is better to do Annadana:
Donating food to the people in need. Nothing is equal to Anna dana. It gives us enormous Punya. It protects from all sins. It is greatly useful to get satisfaction, peace and high end benefits from any Rudraksha. All the mistakes done while using Ek mukhi Rudraksha will be rectified by doing Annadana.

3. It is better to practice chanting:
O.k, There are lot of Mantras. But, Panchakshari (NamasShivaya) is incomparable. If one has Guru mantra (Came from Guru by Upadesha) it is even better. That can be any Mantra, need not be of Lord Shiva. There are specific Mantras for all Rudrakshas. I will write separate posts for them. Please wait. You will not be dissatisfied.

4. It is better to practice Bhasma dharana:
Lord Shiva loves Bhasma dharana, wearing Vibhuti (Sacred ashes) on forehead. What is the solution for the devotees of other deities? In Hinduism, all sects of religion have Nama dharana, specific to their own style. They are encouraged to follow their style.

Restrictions for wearing Eka mukhi Rudraksha:
Children and Diseased persons are not allowed to wear Ek mukhi. They can't bear it's energy.
Very important note: Wearing Ek mukhi Rudraksha at the time of death is a luck. For that matter any Rudraksha. So, we must always encourage old people to wear them. Don't get doubts about the diseases in that age.

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Pancharamalu said...

Hi sir, Nice post. I too heard that Annadana works best for controlling side-effects coming from powerful sacred articles like Rudrakshas, Saligramas, Yantras etc.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

wearing ekamukhi without mantra is harmful. all rudraksha have mantras.

Srihari said...

No. Don't think like that. Mantras will only enhance power. Lord sees Devotion.

Wearing Rudraksha and Chanting Mantra are two different systems of gaining energy. There is no need to club them.

Anonymous said...

also needs guidence on shaligram. please provide me info on the same. my mail id is

Anonymous said...

is it encouraged to wear 14 mukhi rudraksha? does it also required to be in the puja room only? and does the wearer, if he wears has to be as rigorous as a 1 mukhi wearer? or can he be like normal rudraksha wearer? kindly tell me

Srihari said...

Yah. Fourteen mukhi has rules, but, not like Ekmukhi. You need not be so strict, important thing is controlling passions. If you are going into situations which may deviate your mind, just keep the Fourteen mukhi aside.

Rudraksha-Yantras-Vedik yantra said...

The word Rudraksha literally means the tears of Lord Shiva. In the physical form, rudraksha is the seed of the Elaecarpus ganitrus tree, which is commonly used for making Rudraksha Malas or Rosaries.