Saturday, March 7, 2009

When to wear Rudraksha : Best times to wear Rudraksh

With a pure heart we can wear Rudraksha on any moment. Nothing bad happens. But, Astrology tells us some important timings to attain very best results from a Rudraksha.

1. No doubt. Shivratri is the best day. If it is not possible to start wearing Rudraksha on Shivratri, it is better to chose an eclipse day (Solar eclipse or Lunar eclipse).
2.Tithi: Paurnami and Krishna Chaturdasi (Masa Shivaratri) are the best. Vidiya, Panchami, Dasami, Trayodasi are also good.

3. Vara: Sunday, Monday.

4. Nakshatra: Ashwini, Mrigasira, Pushyami, Swathi, Sravana are good. It is better to see Chandra bala and Tara bala while selecting a Nakshatra.

5. Lagna: Mesha, Karkataka, Tula, Vrischika, Makara, Kumbha.

6. Paksha: Shukla paksha is good for normal people. Krishna paksha is good for saints.

7. Masa: Sravana, Bhadrapada, Ashwiyuja, Karthika, Margasira, Magha.

8. Ayana: Uttarayana.

Some people even choose a specific Muhurtha for a specific desire. Muhurthas will again change from person to person. So, it is better to ask an Astrologer for such things. 

Empowering Rudraksha with Mantra japa is also good. You can do it both before and after wearing. Worship Rudraksha and consider it as Lord Shiva himself. Real devotion is important to obtain good results from any Rudraksh.

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Siva said...

There are two very auspicious combinations for wearing Rudrakshas. They are,
1. Pushyami Nakshatra + Sunday,
2. Pushyami Nakshatra + Thursday.

kurri said...

These comments are very useful. It is highly advisable to wear Vibhuti along with Rudrakshas preferably sanctified by a genuine priest.