Friday, March 6, 2009

Types of Rudraksha : Rudraksh varieties based on Faces / Mukhi

What are different types of Rudraksha? How to identify them? These are the basic questions for a beginner. He gets confused with the innumerable varieties of Rudraksha. Today I'm going to explain this topic in detail.

What is the Face of a Rudraksh?

Rudraksha is the nut of Rudraksha fruit. It generally contains 5 compartments with a single seed in each compartment. The joining wall between two compartments is represented by a grove / line on the surface of the nut. It is called as Face (Mukhi), key to identify different Rudraksha beads. Rudrakshas are normally categorized and named based on these Mukhi. For example, Panch mukhi Rudraksha is the one with five lines on it.

How many types of Rudraksh are present?

Many. But, all of them are not available equally. I'll list the varieties in the order of availability.
  1. Panchmukhi Rudraksh : Five face Rudraksha
  2. Charmukhi Rudraksh : Four face Rudraksha
  3. Chemukhi Rudraksh : Six face Rudraksha
  4. Teenmukhi Rudraksh : Three face Rudraksha
  5. Sathmukhi Rudraksh : Seven face Rudraksha
  6. Domukhi Rudraksh : Two face Rudraksha
  7. Athmukhi Rudraksh : Eight face Rudraksha
  8. Naumukhi Rudraksh : Nine face Rudraksha
  9. Dasmukhi Rudraksh : Ten face Rudraksha
  10. Ekadasmukhi Rudraksh : Eleven face Rudraksha
  11. Dwadasmukhi Rudraksh : Twelve face Rudraksha
  12. Ekmukhi Rudraksh : One face Rudraksha
  13. Trayodasmukhi Rudraksh : Thirteen face Rudraksha
  14. Chaturdasmukhi Rudraksh : Fourteen face Rudraksha
Remaining Rudraksha described bellow are present in the nature but are very very rare.
  1. Fifteen mukhi
  2. Sixteen mukhi
  3. Seventeen mukhi
  4. Eighteen mukhi
  5. Nineteen mukhi
  6. Twenty mukhi
  7. Twenty one mukhi
There were descriptions of Twenty four mukhi(!) and Twenty seven mukhi(?) Rudrakshas in some village tales. But, Puranas and Tantras don't even mention them.

Sometimes, due to anomalies in the development, two or three Rudrakshas join together to form Rare Rudrakshas like Gauri Shankar or Trijuti.

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CMohan said...

Hello Doctor,

Recently I bought 5 face Rudraksha for Rs 175 per piece. And 7 face for Rs 525 per piece. I bought them thru my friend in Haridwar.. I heard that we get original Rudraksha in Haridwar.. But, it seems 5 face rudraksha is costly. Can you pls advice.

the person i bought from told me that Rs 5 or Rs 10 rudrakshas are fake..

Srihari said...

Five faced Rudrax don't cost much. You are correct. But, you can forgive your friend. He sent you from Haridwar!! :)