Sunday, January 4, 2009

Ek mukhi Rudraksha : One face Rudraksh

Ek mukhi Rudraksha is the resemblance of Lord Shiva. It is Diamond in Rudrakshas. It makes us Kings. But, What makes it so Powerful? Is it allowed to wear on body? How to get benefits from Ek mukhi Rudraksha? Let us discuss about Ek mukhi.

What is Ekmukhi Rudraksha?

Ek mukhi (Eka mukhi / One Mukhi Rudraksha) is a Wonder of Nature. Normally Rudraksha beads will have 5 lines (Mukhi) on them. They resemble 5 compartments of Rudraksha nut. Each compartment contains a seed in it. But, Ek mukhi will have only one seed!

What is the shape of Ekmukhi?

Normal Ek mukhi is Half-moon shaped or Cashew-nut (Kaju dana) shaped. Not agreeing with me? Ha, Ha! What I told is NORMAL. Round Ek mukhi are present. But, they are very very rare. The reason is Rudraksha nut can't retain it's roundness with one compartment. Not only Ek mukhi, but many Two mukhi and Three mukhi Rudrakshas are not completely Round. They will turn some what oval vertically. Also note: As the lines (Mukhi) of Rudraksha increase, the bead gradually flattens.

Roundness increases the Power. But, Ek mukhi is always Ek mukhi.

Why One Face Rudraksha is so Powerful?

Nobody knows! But we can prove the superiority of One Face Rudraksha with a Rudraksha test. Milk will not spoil for 5 days if Ek mukhi is placed in it. The reason may be in the Astral body of this Rudraksha.

Is Eka mukhi allowed to wear on body?

This is an important question. Yes. Allowed! But, remember Ek mukhi Rudraksha is directly Lord Shiva himself (Sakshat Shiva swarupa). We have to behave as if we are in the Paradise of Shiva (Kailasa). No exceptions.
Like all Rudraksha Ek mukhi is also not allowed to wear while taking Alcohol, While participating in sex, and in Menstrual period. Keep it beside while taking bath to protect from water. 
Children bellow 12 years can't bear the Power of Ek mukhi. For normal people, it is better to worship Ek mukhi Rudraksha rather than wearing it on the body.

How to get benefits from Eka mukhi Rudraksha?

This is a very big question. Ek mukhi Rudrksha passes the Power of Lord Shiva to the person wearing it. It burns all the Sins made by the person (Brahma hatya dosha haram). It protects him from accidents (Akala Mrityu haram). It gives a sudden rise in the career (Akasmat Dhana prapti dayakam). The person rules the world (Shiva Shakti pradayakam). If he wishes he will attain Mukti (Shiva Sayujya pradayakam).

Basic Mantra to use Ek mukhi is - "(Aum) NamasShivaya". 

Only this much? Don't worry. I'm also interested in Ek mukhi Rudraksha like you. I will write at least 20 articles just on Ekmukhi. I will explain every detail I know. Please wait.

"This article is dedicated to Lord Shiva who is the Lord of Rudrakshas"

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durga said...

can i smoke wearing ekamuki

Srihari said...

???!!! Are you serious?
We can't smoke even in presence of our parents or elders. How can we do it in presence of Lord? Smoking is strictly prohibited in temples :)

Of course, there is no reference to smoking in the sacred books. Our ancients didn't thought of this addiction.

Amal Nadpurohit said...

Srihari ji...
You have done an magnificent task by posting your collection... Your knowledge is extremely valuable. Much appreciated Sir... keep up the fantastic work..

Anonymous said...

Hi, a young boy may be 12-14 met me near my work place and started showing me rudrakshas's he brought, he has all types mostly 5 mukhi, he also showed me half moon type ek mukhi and round ek mukhi, i purchased both, i belive in it and i also dont't want do any test for the same i believe this must be original one test i did they sink in water, now i want to wear, pls suggest complete process to follow while wearing it, to have best effect.. Viinod Jojarey

Anonymous said...

Dear Shri hari.. i posted a query on 2nd dec 09, expecting your answer...

Srihari said...

Hi Vinod, I'm really busy and at-least have to write a post to answer you. That's the reason behind not responding. OK, I now posted that. Please see and tell your opinion, whether it is sufficient or not.
Ek mukhi Mantras and Puja

Sarath said...

Hi Srihari, I'm sarath. I'm wearing a eka mukhi for a few years. I got the rudraksha from a aged sage who lives in the Himalayas when i went there. However, im not so much into sacred books. I keep up mu brahmacharyam, and other than that I do my normal life wearing my lord close to my heart. I feel awesome when i do what i feel i should do. Ultimately what i feel is that what should be done and should not be done is purely based on our perception of lord shiva, which is the karma roopam of the ultimate universal power.Have a lot more but the space and time doesnt allow that!!!