Saturday, January 3, 2009

Genuine Rudraksha - Fake Rudraksha

What is a Genuine Rudraksha? How to identify Fake Rudrakshas? Let us discuss in detail about this topic. 

Why Fake Rudrakshas are created?

Nobody will create Fake Panch mukhi Rudraksha. Because, they are available ample in the Nature. But, Ek mukhi Rudraksh, Gauri shankar Rudraksha, Trijuti Rudraksha, and some Rare Rudrakshas are limited. They are not available up to the demand. This lead to creation of Fake Rudrakshas.
What is a Genuine Rudraksha?

It must be a Rudraksha. Not Bhadraksha or some other. Compartments inside Rudraksha must match the number of lines (Mukhi) on it. No alteration should be done to prove it as a different Rudraksha. No art-work should be done.

Genuine Ek mukhi:

Availability of Ek mukhi Rudraksha is very limited. Best Ek mukhi is Round shaped with a single line on it. It is not at all available commercially. But, business people sell half-moon shaped Ek mukhi. This is also Ek mukhi Rudraksha.

How Fake Ekmukhi Rudraksha is created?
By removing a line on Two mukhi Rudraksha with fine instruments.
By using glue to cover the lines of Two mukhi or Three mukhi.
By printing Shivling, Serpent, and Aum on Bhadraksha.
By using Zizyphus (Badari) seeds.
By using  and Dalbergia (Simshupa) and Chestnut wood.
By using Lac or some Synthetic material to create it artificially!

How to identify Fake Ekmukhi?
Use the tests explained in Original Rudraksh page to find out whether it is a Rudraksha or not. Closely observe for alterations. Boil the Rudraksha in water. It removes the glue if applied. Soaking in liquid Nitrous oxide is useful to remove more sophisticated glues. The best way is to take an x-ray photograph and count the compartments.

Genuine Rudraksha - Fake Rudraksha:

Gauri shankar Rudraksha :
Two Rudrakshas are joined artificially to create it. Normally Gauri shankar is made up of two Panch mukhi Rudrakshas. If you see a different variety, be careful.

Trijuti Rudraksha:
We can't find many Trijuti Rudrakshas in the Nature. These are also generally formed out of Panch mukhis. Don't believe Trijuti made up of three Ek mukhis!

There are 14 mukhi Rudrakshas created from 12 mukhis. X-ray test is the only solution to be 100% sure. Rare Rudrakshas above 14 faces are also present. But, purchase only from Genuine persons.


godas said...

iam having some rudraksha, badraksha how should i test to know it is genuine, & what does 2face badraksha do(what kind of effects will be)

Srihari said...

Hi, Please see these posts describing different Rudraksha tests.

About Bhadraksha: Bhadraksha are also a variety of Rudraksha but, with low energy. They are also allowed to wear on body.

Two mukhi Rudraksha are not rare. So, it is better to try for it. Don't satisfy with Bhadraksha. Dwimukhi are generally used for practicing Abstinance (Brahmacharya). I'll write a full post. Please wait. Now, I'm busy.

sireesha reddy said...

where will we get eka mukhi rudhraksha.

Srihari said...

I can't suggest any specific merchant. But, Varanasi, Haridwar and Khatmandu are famous for Genuine Rudrakshas.

Anonymous said...

what is compartment i cant understand this

chandrashekhar phadke said...

Dear friends,
There is some discussion about two mukhi flat rudraksha. This type of bead is from the species Elaeocarpus tuberculatus. The species is naturally grown species from the South India and Sri Lanka. The species produce flat kite shaped two mukhi rudraksha as a rule. The species also shows presence of 1, 3, 4, Gauri-Shankar and trijuti flat beads. It is interesting to note that the famous and commonly available crescent shaped or 'Chandrakar Ek Mukhi' rudraksha is produced as a abnormility under the same species. Chandrakar two mukhi rudraksha is also available however is rarely seen. The species is not available in the North India and is wrongly termed as Bhadraksha there. The true Bhadraksha species is totally different. I got identified the flat bead species Elaeocarpus tuberculatus from the Royal Botanical Garden, Kew, Surrey, England. I am a rudraksha lover and a scientist. Kindly watch my website,

Dr. Chandrashekhar Phadke

Anonymous said...

where to test EKMUKHI RUDRAKSHAYA in KATHMANDU and where we can do X-RAY it and what amount will worth to pay for it ?

Prince Raj said...

Normally in what colors EK Mukhi rudrashak can be found? I think there are four colors : White, Yellow, Red and Black. I got one Black Ek Mukhi and after wearing it, my health got disturbed immediately, I dont know whether it happened with it or due to something else?

Srihari said...

Black Ekmukhi are not uncommon. Rudrakshas will never hurt your health. But, remember not to ill-treat. Rudrakshas are not just beads, they are symbols of the Lord.

Anonymous said...

sri hari can rudraksh are broke due to force?

Srihari said...

If I understand correctly, you are asking about breaking Rudraksha for sake of testing. That nobody can advise. But, if you are curious to see the compartments of Rudraksha nut? Pray the lord before doing that. Try a Panchmukhi/ Chaturmukhi.

If you are asking about wearing a broken Rudraksha? No No. You shouldn't. You should leave them in a river/ pond/ well.

Anonymous said...

Hi Srihari,
First of all thanks a lot for spending your time and energy to explain a lot about Rudraksha. I was looking for information on Rudraksha on internet and good to see that a well educated person spends time on this important subject and makes the information available to the world in a very structred manner. I appriciate your efforts. Good bless you.
I want to purchase a ek mukhi Rudraksha. Looked at different websites and there are some who says that they are from Kathmandu Nepal. They offer Ek Mukhi rudrahksha for around Rs.1000/- Since I am totally new to Rudraksha I am not able to figure out if this is reasonable. So just curious to know on how much could be the cost of ek mukhi rurdraksha.


Srihari said...

Thanks for your analysis and blessings. Ok, let us come to the question about price of Eka mukhi Rudraksha. As far as I know, the price you are telling (Rs1000/-) is very competitive. Normally it will be around 2000 to 6000, may be 10,000 too, depending on demand. I don't know any website owners personally and can't say yes or no.

Anonymous said...

Hi SriHari,

Can I take a photograph of my ekmukhi rudraksha and send to you?..............4 or 5 pictures.....I have started wearing it from today(sivaratri day) without any formalities. Any problem? I have got it as the two poles covered with some metal so that it can be used as a locket. I have attached it to a black thread(the seller gave me) and am wearing it now...

Mahesh, Kannur