Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Ek Mukhi Rudraksha Mala : One Mukhi Mala

How Ek mukhi Rudraksha mala is created? Is it made up of all Ek mukhi Rudrakshas or One Ek muki joined with a set of Panch mukhi Rudrakshas? What is the use of it? Let us know about the Most precious Mala.

Ek Mukhi Rudraksha Mala:

Yes. There are many styles in making a Mala with Ek mukhi Rudraksh. But, all are Specific. Each Mala has it's own benefits. And used in different conditions.

Normal One Mukhi Rudraksh Mala:

Here, One Ek mukhi is placed at the center of a Panch mukhi Rudraksh Mala. White cotton thread is the best one to prepare this Mala. Next preference goes to Silver. We can also use Gold or Silk threads. It burns all Sins. It gives Success every where. It is mainly used as a Japamala. After Chanting, it is kept at Shivaling.

One Mukhi Rudraksh Raksha Mala:
It is prepared with 27 Best quality Panch mukhi Rudraksh and One Ek mukhi Rudraksh. Silver thread is used. Ek mukhi is joined by using Naga bandham (Silver thread in the form of a Snake). It protects life. It protects from accidents (Akala Mrityu haram). It should be used only for Chanting.

Eka Mukhi Mala with two black Dwimukhi:
It is called Gauri shankara hasta Mala. Here only three Rudraksha are used. It gives enormous energy. It is useful for success in Competitions and Elections.

Eka mukhi Deva jyothi Raksha kavach:
It is actually not a Mala. One Gauri Shankar Rudraksh and One Ek muki Rudraksh are placed one by one and joined by Silver thread. It is tied to the wrist while Chanting Shiva kavach, Mrityunjaya kavach and Rudraksha kavach. It protects Family from evil powers. Lord Shiva and Parvathi blesses them.

All Ek mukhi Rudraksha Mala!
Is it possible?!
Why not? Ek mukhi are rare. I accept. But, not extremely rare. Big merchants can make this Ek mukhi Mala possible.
How much it costs?
O.k. The Cost may be in Lakhs of Rupees (Thousands of Dollars).
Is it allowed to wear on the body?
NEVER. It is not allowed.
Will it give Super-natural Powers?
Don't go crazy. Results come from Lord Shiva. Ek mukhi will help a lot in worshiping Shiva.

Ek mukhi with Diamonds:

Ek mukhi Rudraksha is very Precious. It will be generally placed in a Golden Mala. Some times Ornaments are created by keeping it at the center. Jewels are also embedded in those Ornaments. Puranas and Tantras have no objection for this.


Anonymous said...

Can I wear single ek mukhi rudraksha with the silver chain ???

Srihari said...

Sure. I think that you have a Good faith in Shiva. Then, forget about the rules. He guides you every time.

Madhav said...

You advised not to wear all EkMukhi Rudraksha mala in neck. Is it harmful or just because a normal human being can't follow a perfectly pure life?


Srihari said...

It is only allowed for Chanting. In general, the Chanting malas are not allowed to wear. Because, they will be energized and re-energized daily by the selected Mantra. Each Mantra requires special precautions which can only be followed at the time of Meditation.

If one uses All Ekmukhi Mala just for wearing, and practicing all rules of Ekmukhi, there can be no harm. But we must remember two things.
Dealing with high energies requires high mental fitness which is nothing but high Spiritual state.
Actually a normal person can get nothing more by wearing multiple Ekmukhi. I know persons who utilized just one Eka mukhi Rudraksha for extraordinary benefits.

Anonymous said...

hi ! very intresting topic these are. recently i hv visited haridwar n bought a 1 mukhi redraksh. as per my observations and logics it is original. but now i wud like to proceed with the mentioned tests for the same. now i just wanted to know..... 1. can i gift to some one ? 2. is it allowed to use a 'used' rudreksh by some one else ? pls answer me. my mail id is tanujabhosle1@hotmail.com

Srihari said...

1. can i gift to some one ?
Yes. If the receiver has good faith in Lord Shiva. It is even appreciated. Of-course you will give the valuable things to valuable ones.
2. is it allowed to use a 'used' rudreksh by some one else ?
This is a topic of debate. But the entire discussion rotates around a single point. How was that Rudraksha used? We shall have a full discussion on this topic in near future. For now, the simplest answer is: It can be used to wear but not for Japamala.

Prashant said...

Hi I am prashant Shrivastava from Mumbai,
Please guide me from where I'll get Original or real ek mukhi rudraksha.

Anonymous said...

I have made a mala with small sized pachamukhi rudraksha, spatica and one ek mukhi rudraksha.

1. Is this ok?
2. Do i have to have any specific counts of the beads in the mala.
3. Will this help in improving memory and concentration.
4. Basically i am short tempered. Which rudraksha will help me to reduce short temperedness.

Thanks in advance,Jay

Srihari said...

Please try to make a Rudraksha mala with a specific number of Rudrakshas. 1 to 9, 25, 27, 50, 51, 54, 100, 101, 108 are most used counts. Of-course, choice is always yours.

Rudraksha-crystal combination mala is really good for controlling anxiety and short-temperedness. It will give mental peace.