Sunday, January 4, 2009

One Mukhi Round Rudraksha / Gol Ekmukhi dana : Stories & Myths

Round One mukhi Rudraksha is associated with many Myths and Legends. They show the interest of people in Round One mukhi. Let us have a look on them.

Most famous Legend on Round One face Rudraksha:

A Round One face Rudraksha tree is present in Palace of Nepal King. It gives three One face Rudraksha, every year. One will disappear in to the sky to reach Kailasa. King takes the second one. The third Rudraksha will be kept in the Prasad (Food which is taken after offering to the God) of Lord Pashupatinath. Prasad is distributed to the devotees who visit Pashupatinath temple on that day. A Luckiest person will get Round One mukhi Rudraksha for FREE!

I think It is just a Legend. Nobody is reporting his Luck of getting Round Ek mukhi Rudraksha. Even if the person (Unlucky guy) sells it that will become a News. The story might have occurred previously. Many great Tantrics worshiped Pashupatinath and his Shakti Guhya Kali. 

One mukhi Rudraksha tree in Srisailam forest:

A One mukhi Rudraksha tree is present in the deep forest of Srisailam (Kurnool district, Andhra pradesh, India). It is worshiped by a Tribal group living there. It will give two One mukhi Rudrakshas. Out of them one will be buried under the same tree and the second one will be given to a person whom they feel Best among Devotees, on the day of Shivratri.

Presence of Round One mukhi Rudraksha tree in Srisailam is described in some Sacred books. But, according to them entire Nallamala forest is Srisailam. Second thing is Srisailam is a Mysterious land. Sacred books tell many Legends regarding Srisailam. We can find proofs to none of them. Again, How long will the tree live? Why nobody is reporting?

Gol Ek mukhi dana will glow: There are some Round Ek mukhi dana, which came in to the News. They are not glowing. This may be a hidden feature. Great Tantrics who can utilize it in total may know the Truth.

Gol Ek mukhi will ride upstream, if placed in the flow of fresh cow milk: No Rudraksha testing expert is telling about this. This may also be a hidden feature.

Gol dana have Super-natural Powers: 

Yes. Clearly told by Tantras. Tantras told that Gol dana will give the Power to Rule entire Universe (Srishti Sthiti Samhara Samarthya) if worshiped properly. But, be careful. For normal people Tantric worships are not allowed. They require high Sacredness. Devotion on Rudraksha itself will make lives joyous. Round One Muki is the King of all Rudrakshas.

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Anonymous said...

Don't purchase Ek mukhis in Srisailam. Most of them are fake. I don't know about stories.

Anonymous said...

I got one mukhi round rudraksha from my
ansistors who were the temple priests of Bidar Narsing Temple. Let me know how to use it and what about its poojas and pran pratistha? Please post it to my email

Anonymous said...

Jai guruji ki.

I got one mukhi round rudraksha from someone i have not seen ever. when they meet my father my father said that my son always says that i want a one mukhi rudraksh. they gave it to my father. can you please guide me that how i can i serve my bholenath . please guide me.
i want to have a one mukhi . now babaji have gave me but please i need your assistance. because Guru bina gyan adhura hota hai.

Thank you sir I will wait for your reply. my email id is.

Om Namah shivay.

chandrashekhar phadke said...

Dear Sir,
The rudraksha shown in the above picture is not a Nepal type round Ek Mukkhi rudraksha. It is a oval type Indian rudraksha species commonly known as Haridwar or Deharadun Oval Ek Mukhi. Experts immediately can make the difference even from the picture.
Thanking you and with best wishes,

Dr. Chandrashekhar Phadke

Srihari said...

Thank you for your information. This is third time I'm facing problem due to that image. OK, finally, I decided to remove that.
See :